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Velocity USA Sponsors Red Pearl Racing

Red Pearl Racing is delighted to receive RAAM sponsorship from Velocity USA -- makers of high quality wheels. They make high quality rims in pretty much any size you can imagine. We'll be using their A23 rims for our main ride for RAAM. They're decently light, strong as heck, and wide enough to maintain comfort and handling over whatever roads the USA wants to put between us and Annapolis.

Velocity's customer service simply can't be beat. Wonderful folks and it's a pleasure to let you know more about them.

We'll be getting a couple of wheelsets from them soon. Although I've used Velocity wheels quite a bit over the years (they used to make rims in bubblegum pink, so you know I was a customer!!) this is my first time having them spec'd and hand-built by their in-house wheel department. I actually didn't know that they do custom wheels - they can build 'em up with all the goodies. When they come in we'll take them for a spin and give you a more thorough review.

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