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Have Fun Storming the Castle!

We've just signed up for the Silver State 508. This is a race where you don't get a race NUMBER, you get a race TOTEM - a spirit animal that is supposed to be your guide through the race. We've picked the coolest totem ever. I'm absolutely stunned that it's not been taken! It's pirate-y, 80's-y, love-story-y, and...basically awesome. We're ....R.O.U.S. - Rodents of Unusual Size - one of the three terrors of the Fire Swamp in The Princess Bride.

I'm stoked. I've already done a riff on the Red Pearl Racing logo that pulls in the R.O.U.S./Princess Bride theme:

We're training hard, and looking forward to a Most Excellent Adventure in September. The race starts in Reno, NV (OK, awesome little app there, hope you enjoyed it!!!).

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