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Me and my Aero.

We adopted a dog. It took a LONG time after our old dog, Cog, died to feel ready, but - this little guy more or less adopted us, and stole our hearts. He was a stray who I picked up at an outreach event. Bill was VERY surprised to come home and find a dog, but once he got used to the idea (in, like, 5 seconds or something) he was smitten.

I was SURE that his name was going to be "Pirate" but in the end, Aero won out. And - watching him run, ears and tail tucked out of the wind, he IS very Aero.

We've had to puppyproof EVERYTHING, and it's still not enough. We're teaching him to play fetch, and he's teaching us to play tug, and we're all having a lot of fun.

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