Sandy Earl


Sandy has been racing bikes fairly seriously since her youngest child hit school age. He's grown with kids of his own now, so you know it's been a while.


Sandy's one of a very few people to have finished the grueling Race Across Oregon 7 times - 4 as a solo and 3 as part of a team - and the only woman (so far!) to achieve that feat. Even more amazingly, she's been a crew chief for that race more times than she's raced it herself.


Sandy switched to riding mainly recumbent bikes in 2009. A group of friends put her on one and told her they'd catch up to her in 5 minutes after they grabbed a cup of coffee. Fifteen miles later, they did catch up. Whether by design or by accident, she was hooked.


Sandy is a powerful rider and excels in flat, windy landscapes. Where other racers might lose focus, she powers down. 


Outside of biking, Sandy is a health educator for Humboldt County. She teaches eating, moving, gardening, and shopping - all things she loves doing in her spare time.