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2019 Events

I'm on a mission to be the first woman to finish Dex Tooke's 1000-mile epic "No Country for Old Men".

Partly because I'm kinda surprised that no woman has finished it - yet. Partly because I got some unexpected inspiration from No Mans' Land Film Festival. And partly because - it's there.

This is quite likely to be the hardest race I do. I'm going to do everything in my power to MAKE it the hardest - and most complete - race I've done yet. And after 2018 Race Across Oregon, I'm going to have to work my ass off to deliver in the "most complete" department.

It's also going to be a film project. That's a little crazy, and a little extra pressure, but in a year when Free Solo makes the Academy Awards, I don't think I have to turn away from the possibility that a camera crew could impact my race. I've got my reasons....when the No Mans' Land Film Festival came to Arcata last year, I was excited to see "all kinds of women" doing "all kinds of adventure sports". And - I didn't, exactly. At least, I didn't see any women anywhere near my age actually out there doing stuff. And I got kinda mad. And then I reflected - women my age are the last (hopefully) generation who were told, from an early age, that they don't have much to offer the world of sport - so likely no one thought that their story was good enough.

My story - dammit - is good enough. I am going to be the first woman to finish the 1000-mile No Country for Old Men. And I'm going to make a (short) film, and submit it to No Mans' Land Film Festival.  It's going to be a helluva race, and an even better story. 

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