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2023 Charity Partner: Fueled For School

Fueled For School provides weekend meals for kids who are food insecure at home. This is vital upstream work that keeps kids and their families engaged in school and community.

Click on your choice of links below to donate:

Use this link to donate ANY amount directly to Fueled For School. Be sure to put "Sandy Earl RAAM Fundraiser" in the comments section so that we can track donations. Thank you!!!

Use this link to donate $200 or more to Fueled for School and get a Team Sandy/Conspiracy 269 Crew shirt . These are very cool shirts!!!

Use this link to donate ANY amount to Sandy's RAAM operating fund. This does NOT donate to Fueled for School.

Fueled for School began in 2017 as teachers and staff of the Noblesville, IN school district realized that kids were coming to school without one of the important things they needed to succeed: enough food to not feel hungry. 

They started fundraising and as of 2022 are sending weekend meal packs home with 322 students in grades K-8. Each meal pack costs $5.00 and consists of enough kid-friendly staple foods to keep a child fueled up so they come to school ready to learn on Monday morning.

Fueled for School scaled up their operations during the pandemic as so many safety net providers did; at one point they were serving 600 kids. They also started providing summer lunches

and bigger family boxes for school breaks. Fueled for school fundraises and FOOD-raises year round.

It costs $200 to sponsor a child for the school year. Fueled for School is 100% volunteer-run. Every dollar raised goes toward feeding kids.

I'm getting involved with this for two important reasons. First - my baby sister is one of those staffers who saw the need and was moved to act. She's on the board of directors. But she doesn't just sit on the board - she's out there collecting and distributing food.

Second - this is a great example of upstream public health work. Kids who are food insecure are less likely to succeed in school and more likely to get into drugs or other trouble down the line. Providing food when they need it is a simple, kind thing to do that meets and important need and also tells kids that they are seen and cared about by their community and gives them hope for their future. Everyone deserves that.

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