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Bill Spaeth

Bill is a long-time recumbent rider who's grown some serious racer wings over the past couple of years. He's been a member of Team Raven Lunatics since the very beginning, participating in a slew of team relay events. In 2012, he was the first solo recumbent across the line at the prestigious Furnace Creek 508, racing under the totem "Pirate Fish". He was second only to the inimitable Phil Plath at the Oregon HPV Speed Trials. (Second male, that is... )
Besides being a recumbent racer, Bill is an accomplished runner and triathlete. Chances are you don't know that many people who are 3 time Alcatraz finishers AND Boston finishers. That's BIll. 
He also coaches new runners to race half marathon and longer races for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training, and he leads the best 6AM M-W-F spin class on the West Coast (I'm a biased reporter, but it's true!!!) 
Early on, Bill competed at water polo and lumberjacking. He's a beast. 
I could go on and on saying nice things about Bill, but I remember back to when he was easily embarrassed, so I'll just close by saying that he's one of the many hidden treasures of the Lost Coast. 

Here's Bill racing through the night at Race Across the West.

His flying disc wheel caught Vic Armijo's keen photographic eye.

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