After a successful 2018 season which saw Sandy polish off her fourth solo Race Across Oregon, and Sandy and Bill racing tough and winning the team division of the No Country for Old Men 1000 mile epic race in Alpine, Texas, Red Pearl Racing is coming back for more in 2019!

Our first training race is the Deschutes River Valley Time Trial Stage Race. It's held in Maupin, OR in late April. The routes are hilly and as the weekend wears on it's sure to become a great test of early season fitness. Many parts of the courses are covered in Race Across Oregon

Our second - and biggest - endeavor this year is getting Sandy to the finish line of the SOLO division of No Country for Old Men. Is she rugged enough? HELL YES, FRIENDO - she's rugged enough. This is exciting enough news that we've devoted a whole page to it - here.

Last, but not least, Bill is going to race at the 24 Hour World Cycling Championships in Borrego Springs. I'm not one to make predictions - but he won the last 24-hour race he entered, and the man is training like a beast, AND he's going to have me as crew.